Want To Lower Your Property Taxes?

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How To Protest Property Taxes

There is no reason not to lower your property taxes.

You have the right to lower real estate taxes! State law prescribes a mechanism to appeal against the property’s appraised interest. For that tax year, we provide residential homeowners with a property tax relief plan in return for a contingency fee of 50 percent of all property taxes collected by administrative hearings or court appeals.

Our Team:

  • Analyzes existing assessments
  • Researches, prepares, and presents appeals on your behalf at informal hearings
  • Coordinates a mutually agreed lawsuit if appropriate

You are never billed for court expenses, appraisals, expert witness cost or legal fees. You only pay if we cut your taxes!

Tax savings are defined as follows: Subtract the final valued value of the property from its initial valued value for each year, then subtract that amount by the overall tax rate of the previous year and the any exemptions the property may have. The amount resulting is equal to the tax savings.

Any tax agent making an appeal on your behalf must be a Texas State Licensed Tax Consultant or hold another related real estate license.

START TODAY And Get Your Property Taxes Reduced

Every year Barrentine Property Tax Specialists will campaign vigorously against your property taxes. You pay NOTHING if your taxes are not reduced, and a part of the tax savings is the only charge you pay when your taxes are reduced! Gain all of the free benefits and contact us today!

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