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We Understand Property Taxes In Texas

Property taxes are a fundamental source of revenue that sustains local government services such as schools, public safety, and infrastructure development. However, the assessment of property values and subsequent tax liabilities can often be fraught with discrepancies. Texas property owners contend with fluctuating property values and the intricacies of tax laws, necessitating a profound understanding of the system. This is where Fortress Tax emerges as a trusted partner, guiding property owners through the labyrinthine process of property tax protest.

Our Process Is Simple


Please take a moment to complete the form provided below, furnishing us with your essential contact details along with the precise address of the property for which you are seeking to initiate a tax protest. Your accurate input will enable us to effectively support you throughout the course of this process.


Our team of experts will promptly reach out to you through your preferred method of contact. During this phase, we will gather comprehensive details about the property, in addition to acquiring any necessary legal documentation essential for the seamless progression of the filing process.


Throughout the filing phase, we will keep you informed regarding the potential necessity of a civil suit. Should the need arise, rest assured that we will diligently act as your representation in court proceedings. Your interests and the optimal outcome remain our unwavering priority.


Concluding our process, we will provide you with a comprehensive update on the tax savings achieved. In the event that we are unable to successfully reduce your property taxes, there will be no charges incurred on your part. For further insight into our pricing structure, kindly refer to the details below. Your satisfaction and financial benefit are at the core of our commitment.

Our Rates

Fortress Tax Defense’s fees are determined on a contingency basis, calculated proportionally to the estimated tax savings achieved as a direct result of the protest process. In the event that Fortress Tax Defense does not successfully lower your property taxes, there will be no financial obligation on your part whatsoever. The Contingency Rate is determined by considering the aggregate market value of the real estate for which you have enlisted Fortress Tax Defense’s protest services. Should you possess multiple properties, the fee structure for all properties is collectively established based on the overall value of your property portfolio. Rest assured, our fee structure is designed to align with your ultimate savings and peace of mind.

Valor total de la valorizacion de su propiedadFortress Tax Defense Tasa
$0 – $500,00050% or $9.99 al mes
$500,000 – $1,000,00040%
$1,000,000 – $5,000,00035%

Contingency rates, flat fee, and hybrid rates are available for Commercial clients. Schedule a consultation for a flat fee or hybrid rate quote.

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